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Intown Dining scene hits the Suburbs

After living in Atlanta for many, many years – with the birth of children, the call of the quiet suburbs beckoned. Nice spacious homes, big lawns, plenty of garages all created a new home that was equally enticing as the lure of constant traffic and sirens. However the food scene has always slacked behind our urban counterparts. Eventually, someone decided […]

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Blues and BBQ – Fat Matts in Atlanta is old School

Fat Matts Rib Shack has been around for sometime here in Atlanta. Here at TFL, we have been enjoying this old school joint since opening day. A classic bbq menu featuring big and meaty country style pork ribs and bbq’d chicken halves and quarters, Fat Matts is not your typical southern BBQ joint. Instead of smoking their meats, they slow […]

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Bacchanalia – Our own Alice Waters.

Atlanta is extremely fortunate to have the chef duo of Anne Quatrano, and Clifford Harrison. This husband/wife team have given Atlanta some of it’s best food destinations. They also combine an unrelenting pursuit of all things local; being one of the first chefs in the country to use their own farm just south of Atlanta to supply their flagship restaurant […]

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Eat Healthy at The Cheesecake Factory.

Page after page of 2k+ calorie dishes and the menu is still in the starter section. With entrees big enough to share between 2-3 people, Cheesecake Factory is just what one would expect at America’s highest grossing restaurant chain. How they expect diners to actually order dessert requires a scientific miracle of displacement. There is however several alternatives to gluttony […]

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5 Guys – Great Hype, Seriously Over Rated.

Five Guy’s Burgers were one of the first new chains to infiltrate Atlanta. While the concept was unique and refreshing, couple of years later, the burger is king, and Five Guys could be on the downslide. Appearance wise, 5Guys does it to perfection. Clean simple dining rooms, open kitchen, red and white tile to match the red and white sacks […]

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Stoney River Steakhouse – Another Atlanta Favorite.

When beef is raised and slaughtered properly, graded USDA Prime (see picture), little else needs to be done to prepare a perfect steak. A little salt and pepper, perhaps some butter, au jus, or a splash of lemon after cooking. Conversely, when beef is raised poorly, much needs to be done to enhance and create tasty flavors. At Stoney River […]

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St Regis – Hotel Icon, or Crap Buckhead Location?

Paces 88, one of the restaurants in the St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead, advertises itself as an American Bistro. The setting, decor and service all were as perfect as touted, but the food left much to be desired. First we ordered the Lobster cake sandwich.┬áThe sandwich was so salty as to eliminate all taste of the lobster. Makes one think […]

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