Blues and BBQ – Fat Matts in Atlanta is old School

Fat Matts Rib Shack has been around for sometime here in Atlanta. Here at TFL, we have been enjoying this old school joint since opening day. A classic bbq menu featuring big and meaty country style pork ribs and bbq’d chicken halves and quarters, Fat Matts is not your typical southern BBQ joint. Instead of smoking their meats, they slow roast and then finish on a wood burning grill. This imparts a smoky char that you can smell immediately upon arrival.

Fat Matts features different blues bands on most evenings, and for such a small place, the accoustics are managed nicely. Conversation is still possible, and sharing is easily done. Combo plates are the best place to sample both the ribs and the chicken. Sides are average at best except for the infamous “Rum” baked beans. These should not be missed.

Of course there is the ubiquitous pulled pork sandwich rating above the average fare. Everything gets fired on the wood burning grill before serving ensuring all products have the nice char. The prices are very reasonable with the combo platters feeding two normal appetites.

Fat Matts has some good southern pies for dessert, and several local beer choices. The atmosphere is family friendly, and the food comes fast and hot. The tables turn fast, and generally once you order, a table is readily available. Be sure to go around 8pm to catch the days live band, and be sure and use lots of napkins. This BBQ does not really fit into a regional style, but the sauce is tomato based with both sweet and spicy notes. All of the meat is “fall off the bone” tender, with plenty of smoky flavors. This place is a great starting point for a night baseball game, or a night out on the town. Quality food, and fair prices make this a repeat destination and live blues never hurts!

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